Nea Marina Rodos

Published on: 23 Jul 2010
by Fileo

According to an announcement, the new marina Nea Marina Rodos is expected to be fully operational at the beginning of next summer when the harbour will be able to accept more than 400 boats of between 10 and 25 mts in length. The new harbour is destined to berth large yachts on floating structures. All the port facilities have been designed to guarantee the maximum convenience with the modern structures that will make the Nea Marina Rodos a 5 star tourist port.

Update: Officials reconfirmed that the Nea Marina will be operational by next summer. We have a few more details that we reported here.

  • steve farnsworth

    Hi is there any further info on the new marina Rhodes NEA i believe prices, facilities, etc etc

    kind regards


    • staff

      I’m afraid we have no other information, for the moment. Works are progressing at a slow pace. We promise to report again when we will have news.

  • Jorgen Ohlsson

    Hi staff,
    I am also interested in information about the new marina, its coordinates and when it is supposed to open.

    Best regards,

    Jörgen Ohlsson

    • staff

      It is expected to open by next summer, but probably it will not be fully operational. The coordinates are 36°25.6395 N
      & 28°14.7612 E

  • Good afternoon, would there be any further information ref Nea marina yet?.

    thank you

    kind regards


  • Axel Kramer

    any further information ref Nea marina?

  • John Philip Manuel

    Work is now continuing quickly, a new consortium having taken over the project. Current date for opening is June 2015.