Wi-Fi access in Rhodes

WiFi in Rhodes
No worries. It’s very easy to find a free wi-fi access point in the city. Most bars and cafeterias offer internet access for free to their customers. In downtown Rhodes, there is a municipal network free of charge that covers the area from the Mandraki marina to the Prefecture building, but it’s a bit tricky to access it, it requires a password. For more information you need to contact the Information Office of the Municipality of Rhodes, on Averof Str.

A large number of hotels, in particular those that offer convention facilities, have wi-fi services with internet access, others are free but in some cases a payment wiil be required to have access.

In addition there is a number of subscription based networks offering hotspots mainly in and around the town center. Forthnet (a Greek Carrier) offers wifi access at Starbucks caffes (2 locations in town center) and at the McDonalds. You have to be a Forthnet customer or you need to buy a card in order to use them. A local company, Rodos Wi-Fi, offers the widest network operating in the town. Rodos Wi-Fi sponsored by Savvaidis & Associates Estate Agents offers the Wi Fi Service for free. Also SkyFi has a subscription hot spot located at the Hellenic Tours offices.

The Dodecanese Prefecture published a map of free access wi-fi hotspots at various locations around the town center of Rhodes. For more information you may contact wifi@nad.gr (SSID: www.nad.gr – no password required).

Most of the cafes in Rhodes town offer wireless free access. For example all of the Swedco and Finn cafes have open hot spots offering free internet access. You can also search at Free-Hotspot.com although the site doesn’t seem to be very up-to-date.

The Municipality of Rhodes offers free Wi-Fi access in the following locations:

  • Aktaion cafeteria, Elevtherias Sq. (Mandraki)
  • Palio Syssitio cafeteria, 179, Socratous St. (Medieval Town)
  • Information Office of the Municipality of Rhodes, 3, Averof St.

Also the Municipality of Kalithea is offering free wireless internet access in Psinthos and Koskinou. In the center of Faliraki a subscription service, RodosDigital WiFi, covers a large area that includes the Bar Str. and the main beach.

According to an announcement free Wi-Fi access will be soon available at Diagoras International Airport.

If you have further information about Wi-Fi access in Rhodes, please post it through your comments.