Postcard from Rhodes arrives 25 years late.

A restaurant in Sodertalje, Sweden, has received a postcard from a vacationer in Greece more than 25 years after it was mailed.

The postcard, sent in August 1982, was addressed to workers at Cafe Morten, the Sodertalje council’s staff restaurant, and signed by a woman named “Inger,” The Local reported Wednesday.

“Holiday greetings from Rhodes, where it’s lovely and warm. The food here is very nice,” the postcard read. Workers at the restaurant said they do not know who Inger is or why her postcard took so long to make it to the cafe from the Greek island.

“Talk about snail mail,” said staff member Gunilla Johansson. “Maybe she worked here in the cafe, or elsewhere in the building. It would be fantastic if she got in touch.”