A crew from CNN India has visited Greece from March 17th to the 25th, shooting a travelogue for the CNN TV series: “The Road less Travelled”. The Indian journalists visited Athens and all its highlights, Delphi, the Ossios Lucas Monastery, Arachova, Mykonos, Rhodes, Patmos and from Kusadasi, Ancient Ephesus.

In Athens Ms Iram Mirza, a TV personality in India, “learned” to prepare a Greek salad and cook “shrimp Mikrolimano”, while with the Cruise Director on board the Aquamarine she learned “to speak” Greek and dance Syrtaki. In Rhodes she went out with a Greek fisherman to fish, in Mykonos she fed Peter, in Arachova she participated in a traditional “argalio”and in the Ossios Lucas Monastery she held theological discussions with the local monks. In Plaka they were guests of the Kalokerinos Taverna where the Indian TV star had a great time and broke dozens of plates. In the internationally known Art Theatre of Carolos Koon, the Indian star, who studied Theater Arts in India, saw and participated in the George Viziinos play: “My Mother’s sin”.

The TV show on Greece was broadcasted with great success on Saturday April 12th at 12.30 and 17.30 and on Sunday April 13th at 14.30 on CNN-India. The series has already been purchased by CNN-USA, Great Britain, Australia, Europe-Middle East and Africa and will be shown on all of these markets within 2008.