The recent wildfires in Rhodes showed to the local people how much, the national and the international media, are hungry for disasters. When Rhodes made the headlines in major newspapers, tv news and news sites the exaggeration went beyond any expectation.

If you followed the news through the media you’ll probably think that the island has been evacuated (Fox News: Fires force tourists from Greek island of Rhodes), and that the fires have burnt all the island (Reuters News Agency: Rhodes burns as report slams Greek handling of fires).

Well the fact is that the wildfire burned about than 40 forest and bushes, including the beautiful forrest of dears near Laerma, but this area represents only a small percentage of the forests that are on the island that, we remind you, covers an area of 1.400 About 3.000 were the tourists transferred from the hotels close to the fire (because of the smoke) to other hotels and then returned the next day. At the time of the fire there were about 90.000 visitors in Rhodes.