When hot, dry conditions combine with high winds, a condition that is very common in Greece during the summer, the result may be a wildfire, both from natural causes and from arson. This kind of fires are difficult to control, can happen at any time, but usually the fire season many times coincides with the high tourism season.

In the recent years, wildfires destroyed some of the most beautiful forests in Greece. Although measures have been taken by the central government by increasing the personal of the fire departments and offering better equipment, there is still the need of better training and organization.

At the same time, an unjustified luck of means and organization is more than evident in the local authorities that seem to be completely unprepared to handle emergency events. The recent wildfires on the island of Rhodes, an island with beautiful mountain forests with rich wild life and a leader in the Greek tourism industry, showed the urgent need of a complete rethink of the policies that are currently applied in such occasions.