Fourni beach

Located at about 78 km from the town of Rhodes on the south-western part of the island, Fourni beach does not attract many visitors. It is a quiet,…

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Archangelos (Greek Αρχάγγελος)¹, seat of the municipality with the same name, is located on the eastern part of the island of Rhodes, at 28 km from the town…

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Glystra beach

A sandy beach with shallow sea water and an attractive landscape. It has approximately 200 m of length and 30 m of width, and it is located in…

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Beyond the sea and sun model

Sunny skies and sandy beaches and clear waters have for decades earned Greece's reputation as a leading destination for holiday-makers, but now the authorities say that tourism strategy needs a change of focus to stay ahead of the game. Scenic hikes for the hardy, traditional farm produce for the selective and religious relics for the pious are among a hatful of ideas brought forward to extend the Greek travel scene to an all-season level.
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