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Municipality of Afantou

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The Municipality of Afantou(postal code 85103) extends on a land area of 115.375 km², on the eastern coast of the island of Rhodes. The village of Afantou with a population of 5,494 is the seat of the Municipality that includes several other villages and resorts. The municipality is divided in ...


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Archangelos (Greek Αρχάγγελος)¹, seat of the municipality with the same name, is located on the eastern part of the island of Rhodes, at 28 km from the town center, on the main road that connects the town of Rhodes with Lindos. It is a charming and lively village, with narrow ...

Faliraki in TTG’s party towns

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"Although the resort has smartened up its act considerably, Faliraki’s party scene lives on – albeit in a slightly less debauched manner. The lively bars and clubs lining the main drag (appropriately named Bar Street) remain hugely popular with British holidaymakers seeking a bit of a knees-up..."

Glystra beach

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A sandy beach with shallow sea water and an attractive landscape. It has approximately 200 m of length and 30 m of width, and it is located in a quite tourist resort, at 3 km away from the village of Lardos. Side roads of the main street from Lardos to ...

Lothiarika beach

Lothiarika beach

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Beach with sand and pebbles and crystal clean sea water, about 1 km long. It is located in a nice tourist resort on the south east side of the island 56 km in away from the capital Rhodes and about 4 km away from the small village of Lardos, bordering ...

50-somethings behaving like young yobs abroad

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Recent UK surveys showed that 20% of the over-55s try activities abroad that they would not contemplate at home, while nearly two in three admitted not taking out travel insurance on their last trip overseas. Also, more than half of older holidaymakers drink more alcohol while abroad than they would ...

Glasgow Airport is to launch new weekly flights to the Greek islands.

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Flight firm Teleticket plans to introduce the routes to Crete capital Heraklion from May 20 until October 21 and to the beach resort island of Rhodes between May 21 and October 22. More details can be found here.

Wildfires all over Greece

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For the third day Greece is been hit by wildfires and the death toll still rises. Thousands of people in central Peloponese were forced to evacuate their homes. To date no major tourist resorts have been threatened and no British holidaymakers have been evacuated. However, the popular island resorts of Rhodes, ...

Transaero charter flights to Greek resorts

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According to a company's announcement Transaero Airlines started charter flights to main Greek resorts. The flights, scheduled once every 10 days, are departing from Pulkovo to Iraklion, Rhodes and Araxos airports. Flights to Rhodes will start on June 1st. Transaero is one of Russia's largest air companies, one of ...

Tourists rediscover their sea wings

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Romantic nostalgia for the golden age of travel has combined with the commercialism of 21st-century tourism to bring seaplanes to the Mediterranean for the first time in 60 years Flying boats were a common sight in the Twenties and Thirties but largely died out after the Second World War. Companies ...

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