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Mandraki Marina

Greece amongst the most favourite travel destinations

The long-haul Travel Barometer May-August published this week by the European Travel Commission (ETC), together with Eurail BV reports that travellers from the most significant markets are choosing Greece as their favourite holiday destination for this year. The study reveals that…

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Museum shops in Greece get facelift

The gift shops operating at Greece’s museums and archaeological sites sum up the Culture Ministry’s idea of promoting the country’s cultural legacy. Until recently, visitors looking for a decent Greek souvenir found empty shelves, limited choice, stock shortages, old-fashioned designs,…

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Medieval Festival of Rhodes (May 31 – June 2)

The Medieval Festival of Rhodes returns, with thematic walking tours through the narrow alleys of the southeastern Aegean island’s medieval city, theatrical and musical performances, workshops, seminars, storytelling sessions, exhibitions, games and processions. Staged at the Gate d’Amboise and the…

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Tsiknopempti, the Greek Mardi Gras

Tsiknopempti is is a part of the traditional celebrations for Carnival. Similar to the Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday. According to the Greek Orthodox tradition, it is celebrated on the Thursday that marks the beginning of the last weekend that you…

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Epiphany Celebrations

On the 6th of January of each year we celebrate in Greece the holy day of the Epiphany1 (also called Theofania in Greek), a Christian feast day to commemorate the revelation of God the Son as a human being. It…

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