Windsurfing at Ixia

For a windsurfing holiday with blue skies and blue waters come to Rhodes. Add the meltemi wind and you have a popular windsurfing holiday destination. Ixia is on a large beautiful bay on the west riviera of the island, close to to the town center. Dotted along the bay are numerous hotels, some offering stunning views across the cobalt blue Aegean Sea.

Rhodes benefits from the meltemi wind that is created by the difference in temperatures between the land and sea. It is at its strongest in mid summer when the weather gets really hot. During the winter the are steady north-west winds, more suitable for kitesurfing. In early and late summer season there is also a good chance of planing conditions. Normally the wind will build during the day, from force 2/3 in the morning, by midday the wind picks up and the waves start to swell, creating perfect text book bump and jump conditions, to arrive at force 4 – 6 by mid/late afternoon at its peak.

Usually, the windsurfing conditions in Ixia are general bump and jump. There can be some shorebreak and the chop and swell build up the further out you sail. The wind is cross shore from the left. As the wind builds up during the day, beginners are advised to practice and take their lessons in the morning when the water is flatter and the wind lighter.

In Ixia you will find a number of windsurfing centers offering equipment and training so you can improve your technique on both windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Detailed current wind conditions and forecast.