Kalithea Springs

Since the antiquity the area of Kalithea (Καλλιθέα) was known for its thermal, therapeutic springs. In 1927, under the administration of Mario Lago, a systematic study of the waters was initiated headed by Gustavo Gasperini, his son Carlo and Enea Brunetti (who later became the of the director of Terme di Calitea). The study concluded that the water had a range of important properties and proposed the development of the area with the creation of a Thermal Spa Institution that would function in accordance to the stringiest health requirements of the time.

In late December 1928 the Government of the Islands of the Aegean decided the construction of the building complex. The project was commissioned to the famous architect Pietro Lombardi. His plans for Kalithea Thermal Spa were considered among the best architectural compositions of the time, masterfully combining different architectural styles from Arabic to Baroque. It was considered, world-wide, as one of the most emblematic architectural constructions of the 1930s.

Today Kalithea Springs is considered as one of the most distinctive landmarks on the island of Rhodes. Although the spa is no longer in operation, this fabulous building and unique architectural monument, surrounded by palms and pine trees, has been recently restored, converted to dinning and cafe facilities. The exotic vegetation combined with emerald waters of Kalithea’s cove match perfectly with this idyllic scenery of the surroundings, creates a fabulous picturesque combination of beauty coming right out from the cinema of the past times.

Kalithea is about 8km from the Rhodes’ town-center, along the eastern coast of the island. Can be easily reached by public transport. You can also get there by boat. There are several departing from Mandraki harbor.