Municipality of Petaloudes

The Municipality of Petaloudes (postal code 85106) extends over an area of 893km² at the north-western part of the island of Rhodes. It is comprised from 6 municipal departments, Kremasti (pop. 4.585), Paradisi (pop. 2.603), Theologos (pop. 856), Pastida (pop. 1.803), Maritsa (pop. 1.766) and Damatria (pop. 477) with a total population of 12.133 residents. The seat of the municipality is the village of Kremasti at 12km from the center of the capital of the island. The island’s main airport, Diagoras International Airport (IATA code: RHO) is located in this municipality. Main income resources come from agriculture (grapes, wine, olive oil and citrus fruits), and tourism. In total there are 35 hotels in this municipality, offering 2896 beds. The village of Theologos (Tholos) is the most developed resort with modern hotels and organized beaches.

Major attractions of the Municipality of Petaloudes:
The valley of Butterflies (Petaloudes).
The Monastery of Kalopetra located on the mountain above the valley.
– The Temple of Apollo Erethymios.
– The castle of Kremasti.
– The church of Panagià Katholiki (Virgin Mary), one of the largest and most beautiful on the island, famous for its festival celebrated every year on the 15th of August.

Town Hall
51 Eleftherias Ave., Kremasti 85106, Rhodes, Greece
Tel.: +30 22410 91998
Fax: +30 22410 91325

Citizens’ Service Centers
51 Eleftherias Ave., Kremasti 85106, Rhodes, Greece
Tel.: +30 22410 96644
Fax: +30 22410 96643