50-somethings behaving like young yobs abroad

Recent UK surveys showed that 20% of the over-55s try activities abroad that they would not contemplate at home, while nearly two in three admitted not taking out travel insurance on their last trip overseas. Also, more than half of older holidaymakers drink more alcohol while abroad than they would at home.

Rania Kossiori, British vice-Consul in Rhodes, Greece, said: “Most problems that we see with the older generation of Brits arise from over-consumption of alcohol and food.
“Drinking and staying too long in the sun can make you ill and undertaking strenuous activity like going swimming or snorkelling after a large meal can put you in unnecessary danger. People have drowned this way.”

“After one too many drinks people can become abusive, for example shouting at resort staff. We’ve also had instances where a few too many drinks has led older guests to over-estimate their strength, for example going swimming in bad weather conditions, which has ended in tragedy.”