Cheaper prices for Greek holidays packages

Beach view from hotel veranda

According to Stephen Dunk, managing director for Europe of the holiday offers portal Travelzoo, there are currently a lot of deals for holidays in Greece, even on higher-end resorts. “In theory the increase in fuel costs and taxes should have pushed the price of holidays up,” Dunk said, “but there is so much pressure in the market hotels are having to fight much harder to attract business. Basically you are getting all-inclusive package deals at B&B prices.”

But should you be worried about snapping up one of these bargains while the likelihood of Greece exiting the euro increases by the day? Noel Josephides, director of the specialist operator Sunvil, said holidaymakers could only benefit. “If they do exit the euro, it will take time to print the new currency,” he said. “In the meantime, if you are holding euros, you’ll get a good exchange rate.”

Josephides added: “We are not discounting more than normal because we refuse to give holidays away. We’ve worked with these hoteliers for decades. We’re all in this together. We’re not out to destroy the only industry which is going to help Greece come out of this.”