Greece investing in tourism

Around 16 million holidaymakers from around the globe are expected to head to Greece for the unique combination of sea, sand and history that the area has to offer. This represents a seven per cent increase on last year, according to research by the Institute for Tourism Research and Predictions.

Britons together with Germans represent the country’s most loyal visitors, accounting for over a third of expected tourists but visitors from the US and Russia are increasingly interested in the Greek Mediterranean, Ionian and Aegean seas. And the Greek government is responding to the increased interest, investing tens of millions of euros to add adventure, health and “agrotourism” sites to the possibilities available to holidaymakers.

Yiannis Macheridis, the prefect of the Dodecanese islands, which include Rhodes, told the International Herald Tribune that investing in new developments was being pushed forward because: “tourists are increasingly seeking specialized vacations”.