Impact of the climate changes in Greece

In a recent announcement scientists warned that Greece’s summer temperatures could end up matching Egypt’s in 60 years, with average temperatures reaching above 41 degrees Celsius. According to a report published by the Greek daily Ta Nea, scientists insist climate change will continue to have a negative impact on the country.

“We have seen an increase of temperatures during the summer by 6-7 degrees Celsius over the past few years, while the average increase in temperatures in other parts of the world have been 3-4 degrees Celsius,” said scientist Dimitris Lalas. “During the period from 1961 to 1990, 33 degrees Celcius was the average temperature in July for Athens. We foresee that for 2070 to 2100 it will be 41 degrees Celsius and landscape of Athens will be very similar to Cairo’s.”

Last year, Greece experienced one of the hottest summers in the past century-and-a-half.