Nea Marina Rhodes

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Update 16.12.15: The Nea Marina Rhodes is now open.
Update 27.09.11: Work is picking up at the Nea Marina site. According to Mr. Strikos, representative of the company Marines A.E., the new marina will be ready to accept its first guests by next summer.
The New Marina of Rhodes will be a five-star tourist attraction with the ability to host more than 400 craft including the largest new mega yachts. The marina complex will also offer VIP suites, a shopping mall and shipyard maintenance services. Visitors and yacht owners to the new marina will be able to enjoy access to high speed broadband services thanks to a fibre optic system of 100 Mbps broadband network that will allow visitors to access triple play services including Internet, IP telephony and IPTV.

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  • Bernard Williams says:

    I have seen from your website that the Nea Marina Rhodes will be opening in Summer 2011. Do you know if the marina will be operational from the beginning of May 2011? Also do you have information on berthing fees (daily, monthly and annual costs)? We have a 40ft sailing boat and would be interested in using the new marina from May 2011. Thank you for your early response.

  • Axel Kramer says:

    Do you know more about the marina?
    Axel Kramer

  • steve farnsworth says:

    Good afternoon,

    looking at the current state of development its quite apparant that the new marina will not be fully functioning untill the end of 2012/2013 at the earliest? would that be near the mark?? the ground works dont seem to have moved on from the end of last year and i am informed that there are problems with the planning and infrastructure? thats why it is progressing very slowly, however i wold still be grateful for any further update and costs as soon as they are available.

    thank you

    kind regards

    steve farnsworth

    • staff says:

      There are some problems with the connecting roads that seem to have been resolved. The management company insists that they will be able to start business in this upcoming season but, in fact, there no buildings on site yet. We wish we could give you more information on the subject (photo).

  • jean paul says:

    I sailed several times to Rodos and used Mandraki harbour which is very crowded.

    I plan to come back early May.

    And my question is : is it possible to enter that new marina and stay a few days, even if buildings, roads and facilities are not yet fully completed.

    Thanks a lot for your reply

    • staff says:

      No, I don’t think you could dock in the new marina, as there should be works in progress. But please notice that we’re just guessing here, we have no affiliation with the Nea Marina management.

  • Good afternoon,

    is it possible to supply me with the web site of the new marina or a contact with the actual company who are building the marina?.

    kind regards

    steve farnsworth

  • Sue Sutherland says:

    Does anyone know if the marina actually opened in June? We would like to lay up there this winter but cannot find any recent information. Thanks.

    • staff says:

      We know that there is a lot of interest in this marina but unfortunately it is still far from complete. There are works in progress but the pace is slow and, honestly, we cannot trust the company’s announcements and the Rhodes Municipality intentions. We can only hope that the marina will be ready in 2012 but in any case, many of infrastructures and services promised will not be there.

  • Good morning,

    can you give me any updates on the new marina, i have been watching it carefully and there doesn’t seem to be much progress currently? I can see the pontoons are there but not much else, is there an opening date or even a projected date?? It would seem on the face of it thatit looks like next year at the earliest??would that be correct?.


    • staff says:

      It is not clear why the progress is so slow. Is it because there is a luck of funds? The company behind the Nea Marina has not made any announcements. A new development was that last week, a group LAOS PMs asked the Government for an explanation of the delays. The matter will be discussed in the Parliament soon. That gives us the room for speculations that, maybe, there are local interests and rivaltries causing the slow progress. In any case, we can only hope that the Nea Marina although not complete will start to operate from 2012.

  • Monica dal maso says:

    We are supposed to be’ in Rodhos next august 2012: is the Nea marina ready?

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