Recreating a wonder: the new Colossus

Rhodes is set to revive one of the world’s seven ancient wonders, the giant sculpture of Colossus. This ambitious project, presented in Dubai “will be a unique architectural creation” according to the island’s capital mayor, Mr. Hatziefthimiou, aiming to become one of the 21st century’s largest artistic constructions. The project, led by the German artist Gert Hof, will capture the symbolisms of the the ancient monument, as it will be built, at least in part, out of melted-down weapons from around the world but it will not try to copy the original sculpture. Although still in drawing board stage, the plan is to built the world’s largest light installation, a structure that has never before been seen in any place of the world. “We are talking about a highly, highly innovative light sculpture, one that will stand between 60 and 100 metres tall so that people can physically enter it,” said Dr Dimitris Koutoulas, who is heading the project in Greece.