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A short Rhodes guide (I)

A short Rhodes guide (I)

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Rhodes (also Rodos or Rhodos - Ρόδος in Greek - more about the name) is the largest island of the Dodecanese and the fourth largest in Greece. Let's start this short Rhodes guide by providing some geographical data. The island covers an area of 1.398 square meters and a population ...

Weather in November

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The southerly position of the island of Rhodes in the eastern Aegean Sea, guaranties a pleasant climate all through the year. November in particular is always mild in Rhodes with a few days of rain and a lot of clear sky days. Average highs are just about 20 degrees ...

Give Earth a hand

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Our planet is facing bigger challenges than ever before. Our ancient forests are being chopped down and our oceans recklessly fished out and polluted at a breathtaking pace. Whaling, toxic pollution, dirty coal, dangerous nuclear energy and genetically engineered crops threaten the quality and even sustainability of lives around the ...

Impact of the climate changes in Greece

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In a recent announcement scientists warned that Greece's summer temperatures could end up matching Egypt's in 60 years, with average temperatures reaching above 41 degrees Celsius. According to a report published by the Greek daily Ta Nea, scientists insist climate change will continue to have a negative impact on the ...

Heatwaves and climate’s change

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A new study appeared in the Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres, suggests that the effects of climate changes are already occurring now: "We see a doubling of the length of heatwaves and we also see a tripling in the frequency of one-off events." says Paul Della-Marta, from MeteoSwiss in Zurich, ...