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Paul Gaugin Cruises in Rhodes

Mar 27th, 2012 Posted in News | Read the full story

Paul Gauguin Cruises, operator of one of the highest-rated luxury cruise ship in the South Pacific, the M/S Paul Gauguin, unveiled the 2013 itineraries for their second ship, the 90-guest M/V Tere Moana. The 330 ft long and 46 ft wide ship will begin sailing under the Paul Gauguin Cruises' ...

Oceania’s new Riviera cruise ship in routes to Rhodes

Mar 14th, 2012 Posted in News | Read the full story

Riviera, the Oceania Cruises' 1.250 guests ship, will set sail on her maiden voyage, a 12 days Ancient Grandeur itinerary from Piraeus (Athens), Greece on April 24. The ports of call include Alexandria and Port Said in Egypt, Haifa and Ashdod (Jerusalem) in Israel, Rhodes and Patmos in Greece; and ...

Rhodes to become home port for cruise ships

Aug 9th, 2011 Posted in News | Read the full story

According to the Major Mr. Kousournas, Rhodes is preparing in the next holiday season to become, home port for the numerous cruise ships that dock here.

Rhodes for cruising tourism

May 8th, 2011 Posted in News | Read the full story

Local authorities in Rhodes are expecting a record growth in cruise passengers for this year as Rhodes is becoming increasingly popular with cruise holidaymakers. So far, more than 600 cruise ships are scheduled to call at Rhodes by the end of the year, bringing to the island more than 700,000 ...

Almost one hundred cruise ship arrivals expected in September

Aug 31st, 2010 Posted in News | Read the full story

According the Rhodes Port Authority, ninety-six cruise ships are expected to dock in Rhodes harbor during the month of September. Busiest day will be September 9th with eight cruise ship arrivals followed by September 13th and 27th with seven ships. You can follow live the traffic at Rhodes Harbor.

Rhodes Port ship traffic

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This map shows all the ship traffic in and around the Port of Rhodes, based on data collection from AIS (Automatic Identification System) on board of the ships. Particularly during the holidays season (April to October), Rhodes harbor can get very crowded with thousands of visitors arriving everyday mainly ...

Season’s record in Rhodes port

Aug 6th, 2010 Posted in News | Read the full story

A large number of cruise ship passengers, almost 8.000 travelers, arrived yesterday at the port of Rhodes with 5 cruise ships, marking a season record.

August 2009 arrivals to Rhodes

Sep 4th, 2009 Posted in News | Read the full story

It seems that August was not bad after all for the Rhodian incoming tourism. There was a small reduction (3,69%) in charter arrivals, compared to last year (289.715 vs 300.818 in 2008) but nevertheless, Rhodes presented the smallest flession from all Greek tourist destinations. On the other hand there was ...

June Port Authority statistics

Jul 4th, 2009 Posted in News | Read the full story

According to the Port Authority a total of 103.213 passengers travelled through the harbor of Rhodes, 10.000 more from the same month last year. In particular, there were 86 cruise ship arrivals with 84.665 passengers on board, 207 yachts with 1.027 passengers and about 16.000 passengers to and from Marmaris, ...

Record arrivals

Jul 3rd, 2009 Posted in News | Read the full story

We are far from the season peak but already we've registered a record in passengers arrivals at the harbor of Rhodes. Seven cruise ships with 10.510 (14.669 including crew) tourists, docked yesterday in Rhodes. Among them the Costa Serena hosting a celebrity cruise by the famous Pele.