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The Olympic Torch in Kastelorizo

The island of Kastelorizo will finally be included in the Olympic torch relay across the country. Kastelorizo, a small island southeast of Rhodes, was not originally included in the route. The Hellenic Olympic Committee (HOC) justified the decision saying officials…

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Don’t trust the neighbor

While the Turkish Coast Guard is having fun with small tourists vessels carrying the Greek flag (in the latest of a series of incidents a guard ship started dangerously manouvering around a small tourist vessel carrying 18 passengers off the…

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Kastellorizo (Greek: Καστελλόριζο) or Megisti (Greek: Μεγίστη) is a tiny border island at the most eastern point of Greece, very close to the Turkish coast (3 km). It is part of the Dodecanese group of islands distant about 110 km…

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