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Elafos and Elafina Hotel

Elafos and Elafina Hotel

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For those who would prefer the mountain to the shore there is the recently renovated hotel is located at the top Mt. Profitis Elias, near a small Byzantine Monastery with the same name. Surrounded by a large cedars, pine and cypresses forrest of a unique beauty, the complex is mainly ...

Restorations during the Italian occupation

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The Italians landed on the island of Rhodes in May 1912, with the intention of establishing themselves permanently in the area. However, after the end of the WW II, they were obliged to surrendered their possessions in the Dodecanese to the Greek state. During the years of the occupation using ...

Acropolis of Lindos restoration progress

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The final touches on one of its most popular tourist attractions on the island of Lindos: the Temple of the Lindian Athena. Greek archeologists are repairing the ham-fisted techniques used by Italians in the 1930s. Reconstructing Lindos.