Discover the majestic island of Rhodes

Kitesurfing in Rhodes

Rhodes boasts a unique combination of factors that make it an exceptional destination for surfers and kitesurfers of all levels.

Explore the Medieval Town of Rhodes

One of the oldest inhabited medieval towns in Europe with formidable stone walls and imposing gates and towers, the stronghold of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem.

The best beaches of Rhodes

From secluded coves to bustling stretches of sand, the 220km long pristine coastline of Rhodes offers a diverse array of fantastic beaches.



Kalithea Springs



The island of Rhodes is 79.7 km long and 38 km across at its widest, with a total area of approximately 1.400 km2 and has a coastline of approximately 220 km. About 120.000 people live in the 43 towns and villages that dot the island. The central town of Rhodes is officially home to 50.636 residents as of 2021. 

Antikithira Mechanism

There are many indications that the Antikithera mechanism was constructed in Rhodes. The island had a rich technological tradition, which began with the prehistoric Telchines and reached its apogee in the early 3rd BC century with the construction of the Colossus.

The legendary Colossus of Rhodes

The Colossus of Rhodes is one of the famous Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It was built between the years 292 and 280 BC, It was built by Charis the Lyndian, a student of Lyssipos a renown sculptor of the Hellenistic times that amongst others built the bronze statue of Zeus (22m high) of Taras (Taranto).

The pleasures of early and late summer in Rhodes

We’re often asked about the best time of the year to visit Rhodes. It’s a difficult question to answer, as each season has its own distinct pleasures, but we do have a particular soft spot for May (especially this year…

The Knights of Rhodes

Water Parks in Rhodes

Walks into the nature

Taxi & transfer fares in Rhodes

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