The pleasures of early and late summer in Rhodes

We’re often asked about the best time of the year to visit Rhodes. It’s a difficult question to answer, as each season has its own distinct pleasures, but we do have a particular soft spot for May (especially this year with all the long weekends), June, September and October.

We love the wonderfully balmy, but not-too-hot weather of these months. The sun shines pretty much constantly, the sea is invitingly warm, al fresco dining is always an option, the temperature is ideal for exploring archaeological sites and towns or walking and cycling in the mountains, and the atmosphere is quieter, more laid-back.

There are other advantages of booking your holiday in these months:

  • Accommodations have better offers in shoulder season.
  • They offer reduced occupancy rates.
  • It is much easier to book a fully flexible trip – arriving and departing on any day of the week and staying for any number of days.
  • Airfares are considerably cheaper and airports are much less busy

So, if you’re not constrained by July and August school holidays, why not book a late spring or early autumn break?