Agrotourism in Crete

Agrotourism (agritourism) is an alternative, eco-friendly, new form of tourism developed in rural areas. Guests can participate in agricultural, horticultural or agribusiness operation to enjoy, be educated or be involved in activities. Particularly in Greece, agrotourism gives you the opportunity to directly experience traditional agricultural activities that go back to ancient times and enjoy some of the famous Mediterranean products.

The Agreco organic farm, about 8 kilometers east of Rethymnon, Crete, outside the village of Adele, has revived a host of centuries old traditional farm practices. From May to October, you can view the threshing floor, the water mill, the stone ovens, the wine and olive presses, the vineyards and the organic vegetable gardens, the workshops preparing jams and preserves, small farm animals as well as the famous Cretan goat, the kri-kri, deer and boars.

Depending on the season, you can take part in various farm activities, such as honey gathering, sheep shearing, harvesting and the preparation of raki, a strong liquor distilled from grapes. Other activities include baking bread, making cheese and crushing wheat at the antique stone flour mill.

Farm tours, offered on weekday evenings, guide guests around the estate. Don’t leave without sampling the organic menu. A large olive tree and vines growing around the wooden beams of the pergola shade the stone-slab terrace with a fine view of the Cretan coast.

Also in Rethymnon, in a superbly restored 18th century mansion in the village of Margarites, is the Spiti ton Kouriton hostel, with Byzantine and Minoan elements. The hostel offers agrotourism programs depending on the season (olive harvesting in the autumn, Cretan cuisine etc) and lessons in ceramic art.

Agreco, tel +30 28310 72129 / +30 28310 72761.
Spiti ton Kouriton, tel. +30 28310 55828.

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