Rebuilding Colossus

The revival of the ancient wonder of the Colossus of Rhodes, through the construction of a contemporary landmark that will embrace the artistic expressions and technical achievements of the 21st century, a project that will add more dynamism to the local tourism business is the new grand vision of many important people on the emerald island of Rhodes.

This visionary project has received the approval of Rhodes Municipal Council where George Barboutis was appointed as the head of the project’s campaign. Mr. Barboutis is a member of the Scientific Group at Tourism Chamber of the Dodecanese and general manager of Marketing and Communications at the hotel Rodos Palace. Mr. Barboutis has presented the design and philosophy behind the project in a number of international and Greek tourist events as a model for strengthening the competitiveness of the tourist destinations by creating innovative large tourist lures (Mega Attractions).

“The philosophy and ambition of this promising project” says Mr. Barboutis, “is to represent an evolutionary ideological continuity, from the ancient wonder of Colossus that was dedicated to the god Sun as a symbol of peace and freedom, to the timeless ideals of global peace, friendship and brotherhood among the people, with the potential to become a world landmark and a reference point. Especially, in the current times of crisis and international challenge for Greece to overcome this crucible, the task of reviving the Colossus, would enable us exploit intangible assets of our past and unfold our potential as a country with an innovative flagship project, significantly strengthening our reputation abroad and our affected competitiveness.”

The key points of an ambitious project

The siting of the project requires an extensive study. According to the original concept the following must be ensured:

  • The maximum possible visibility of the project as befits a project milestone. Must be visible from land, air and sea, emitting light towards all directions of the globe.
  • The ease of access, facilitating the guests to visit the site without problem.
  • An extended parcel of terrain that ensures enough room for a neighboring theme museum and the building for the World Peace Foundation.

Artistic conceptualization & construction technology

“We believe” continues Mr. Barboutis, “that the vision to create a modern wonder of the 21st century, raises three inviolable basic properties that should be comprehended in the visual concept and the construction technology.”

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