Ecofilms: International Film and Visual Arts Festival

Ecofilms and the side event Ecokids, is a film festival held in June of every year on the island of Rhodes. Documentaries, shorts and features with environmental and ecology subjects, encouraging the awareness on conservation issues and issues related with the natural, the human and the built environment are invited to participate. Prizes are awarded to films for their innovative approach in conservation issues, for their daring proposal in subject matter and their artistic qualities overall.

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The event is held at the Rodon Municipal Open Cinema. All screenings are free and, most of the times, the participating authors are available to discuss their work with the public, in an open atmosphere that Ecofilms artistic director Lucia Rikaki, compares to that of the Ancient Greek Agora.

Ecofilms 2008 Awards

Feature length films

  1. Encounters at the end of the world, Werner Herzog, USA, Germany
  2. A Promise to the Dead: The exile journey of Ariel Dorfman, Peter Raymont, Canada
  3. (special mention) The thirst of a stone sea, Vladimir Perovic, Montenegro

Medium length films

  1. Paradise-Three journeys in this world, Elina Hirvonen, Finland
  2. The nuclear comeback, Justin Pemberton, New Zealand
  3. (special mention) Uncle Mitte, Wijnand van Ginkel, The Netherlands
  4. (special mention) Black River, Surendra Manan, India

Short length films

  1. Apna Aloo Bazaar Becha – From substinence ecology to the market, Pankaj H Gupta, India
  2. Mbeubeus, Simona Risi, Italy

Greek Film Center Award for best greek film

  1. Cyclown Circus, Dimitris Sfiris | The ash that remains, Nikos Kavoukidis
  2. (special mention) The Cup, Giannis Bougioukas
  3. (special mention) Love lessons for revolutionary action, Nikos Alevras

Audience awards

  1. War/Dance, Sean Fine & Andrea Nix, USA
  2. Erato, Angelos Spartalis, Greece

The International jury awards prizes for both the international and national competition categories. The two audience awards are coordinated by the Rodos Cinema Society.

Ramsar/MedWet award by The Mediterranean Initiative of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.

The Ecofilms festival is organised by the Cultural Organisation of the Municipality of Rhodes and the Image and Environment Society. It is supported by the Dodecanese Prefecture Culture Organisation as well as by private sponsors. It is held under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Environment and Public Works.

Ecofilms 2009: 23-28 June 2009
Entries submission deadline: 01 March 2009

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