Prassonissi beach

Prassonissi’s sandy beach is, most of all, a surfers paradise, the place where everything is about the waves. Located on the last edge of the Rhodes island, in its most southern point, at about 110 km away from the capital it is the place where the Aegean sea meets the Mediterranean sea. A wide sandspit from May to October connects the main island with the rock of Prassonisisi and its lighthouse but in winter storms swamp this tenuous link and render Prassonissi (Leek island) a true island.

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Windsurfers flock here to show off their skills, usually on the choppy Aegean side, whilst the Mediterranean side gently laps onto the beautiful stretch of golden sandy beach that seperates the two seas. If you’re a surfer looking for waves the months in July and August are the best when the famous meltemi winds set in. There are surfing centers here offering surfboards, wetsuits and almost any kind of equipment for hire, and experienced surfers willing to share their knowledge although most people will prefer to bring their own equipment.

The particular geography of the beach of Prasonissi with the two opposing sandy bays makes it a must see even if you’re not a surfer yourself, just to enjoy the magnificent landscape and admire the skill of the wind surfers and take a walk down the beach to the lighthouse. All the houses offering rented rooms also operate their own tavernas.

Kitesurfing at Prassonissi
Current wind conditions and forecast in Prassonissi