Apolakkia biotope

Black-eared Wheatears

Nearby the village of Apolakkia, a biotope was artificially formed as a result of the construction of a watering dam in 1987 for irrigation. The lake that was formed gradually turned into a significant wetland. A visit to the dam is a “must” for bird watchers.

Nature lovers will appreciate exploring the rich biotope and practise some mild activities like horse ridding and kayaking. In August rowing competitions are held. On the banks there are picnic tables and small wooden houses for hosting scouts.

The most characteristic spot at the lake is the small church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, which immerses in water when the lake is full. Near the Apolakkia dam the stone monastery of Ai Giorgis o Vardas (St. George Vardas) is located, one of the most important Byzantine monuments of Rhodes. It was built in 1289 during the era of Andronikos Palaiologos and it is renowned for its religious paintings.

The visit to the dam can be combined with a visit at the nearby traditional village of Apolakia, or with a walk from Apolakia to Skiadi and the village of Messanagros.