Exploring Kamiros

Kamiros was an ancient city on the northwest coast of Rhodes that was inhabited from the 7th century BC until the medieval times. It is one of the three Rhodian cities (together with Lindos and Ialysos) mentioned by Homer. The city’s remains offer a fascinating glimpse into the life and culture of ancient Greeks. Some of the highlights of the site include:

  • The Agora, or central square, where residents would have gathered for commerce and socialising
  • The temple of Athena Kameiras, a well-preserved Doric temple
  • The residential area, where you can see the foundations of houses and streets
  • The Acropolis, or fortified hilltop, with stunning views of the surrounding landscape

A detailed guide of the site of Ancient Kamiros

Kamiros is about 32km distant from the city (34km from Faliraki) and you can access it by public buses (RODA No. 67 & 68), by organised tours, or by renting a car or a scooter.

Visiting the ruins is a great way to experience the history and beauty of Rhodes. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, a hat and bring sunscreen and water, as there is little shade on the site. The best season to visit the site is Spring/early Summer or Autumn. And don’t forget your camera to capture the incredible views from the acropolis!