Renting a holiday property in Rhodes

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Self catering accommodation in Rhodes is very popular among the holidaymakers as it offers a large number of advantages. If you want to save money without sacrificing the quality then booking a holiday property will offer you the best of both worlds. Looking through our site but also on other specialized sites, you will find plenty of choices that offer a really good value!

Let’s start by talking about the benefits of a Rhodes holiday villa rental or apartment on the island of Rhodes. Later on this article, we’ll discuss some of the cons and the things you need to watch for.

The first and most obvious advantage is the cost. A privately owned rental is usually a lot cheaper than an hotel accommodation of similar level. This is particularly true if you rent “direct” avoiding the charges the big travel agents will change you. With the money you will save, you’ll be able to afford more luxurious accommodation, why not a villa with a private pool?

Rhodes Holiday PropertyRhodes Holiday Villa RentalThe second is, of course the sense of privacy and freedom that no hotel accommodation can offer you. You’re not confined in a room, there are no strict mealtimes to follow. You can eat when it better suits you – perhaps have a barbeque or just a snack by the pool. Families with young children can stick to mealtime and bedtime routines which can be less disruptive for all the family.

Ask other people who have tried a villa or apartment holiday rental on Rhodes. I’m sure they will tell you that there is no better way to really enjoy your Greek summer holidays with privacy and space to spread out! And as the majority of properties have sattelite television, DVD players and internet access, you’ll be able to continue the lifestyle you’re accustomed at home. And then you can cook-in or eat-out – the choice is all yours.

If you’re organising a get-together with friends, a family reunion, a wedding or anniversary or any other special event then a holiday villa on the island of Rhodes is really your best choice and most cost effective choice. There are villas that are large enough to accommodate up to 20 or more people and there are also groups of smaller villas, or villas that are located in the same resort. And as everybody will tell you, you’ll always get a better price if you book for a large group.

But let’s say that you’re not looking for an upmarket Rhodes holiday villa rental. Instead you’re looking ways to limit your holidays budget spending. Again, depending on your priorities, there are plenty of low cost apartments and studios to choose from, avoiding the middleman and the costs that they charge. There is something out there to suit every pocket and holiday budget! They will still offer you more space per person than do hotel rooms. Even if you’re traveling with a large group or another couple, you’ll have plenty of space if you select the right rental unit.

What to watch for

Let’s take a look at the possible disadvantages of a self catering holiday solution. The most obvious is the fact that you have to organize by yourself all the travel arrangements. This means that if you decide to book your holiday home rental on Rhodes, you will also have to book the airplane tickets and make the arrangements for the local transportation (vehicle hire, taxis or public transport). Also you’ll have to look for a travel insurance program. However, a lot of holiday-home owners will advise you or even manage the airport transfers.

Then of course there are the possible language difficulties. Well, this will not be a problem in Rhodes. The island lives and breaths from tourism and almost everybody speaks one or more foreign languages. Even the simplest people will try to communicate in your language. English is the most common language here but many people also speak German, Italian and Russian. You can be sure that you’ll not have any problem when it comes to converse with key-holders, cleaners etc.

I saved for last a notice of caution. As most of the holiday properties are privately owned, their management is not well organized. In some cases, you may encounter the problem of double booking. If this happens to you, my advise is to try to be understanding and polite. I’m sure the owner will offer you an alternative solution. Try to take advantage of the situation and ask for a price reduction. If the owner is not offering you any solution then contact the Tourist Police and Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO). They should be able to help you.

Home away from home

This summarizes all! By booking holiday home rental on Rhodes you will enjoy all the comforts of your home and much more. Remember that usually, people who own a holiday home use the property themselves for some part of the year, so a holiday home always has a more homely feeling.