Rhodes among the top 10 New Year’s Eve destinations

FoxNews.com, the popular American news site, chose Rhodes as one of the top Ten New Year’s Eve destinations in the world.

“Throughout Greece, tradition plays a great role in New Year’s celebrations. But since you can only be in one place at a time, we recommend heading for the medieval district of Rhodes Town on the island of Rhodes.

In this historic setting you can witness activities such as New Year’s carols or card games, the latter an opportunity for locals to enhance their luck for the upcoming year. Luck, in fact, plays a significant role in ringing in the New Year. The first person, usually a child, who steps foot over your doorstep on New Year’s Day will determine the year’s luck, and in most households, a vasilopita cake is prepared with a coin inside — the person who gets the piece with the coin will have good luck all year long. Be prepared for parties all over the island, as plazas, cafés, bars and hotels host special events that run from midnight until dawn.

Then, on New Year’s Day, enjoy a ritual usually practiced on Christmas in other places around the world, as St. Basil (the Greek Santa Claus) delivers holiday gifts.”