Biblical itineraries

It’s getting easier to retrace Paul’s steps as mass-market travel operators like Globus offer new products for the religion niche. Globus’s most popular religious itinerary, the nine-night “Footsteps of Apostle Paul,” based around the saint’s activities as they are recorded in the Book of Acts, chapters 16-21, lets you discover Greece’s religion treasures. Highlights of the tour include a visit to the Bay of St. Paul in Lindos Rhodes, where Paul and Silas first land on their trip to the classical Greece, a walk on the Mars hills in Athens where the Apostle Paul addressed the Areopagus and visits to the ancient Corinth, the Monasteries of Meteora, the Holly island of Patmos (where it is believed John received and wrote the Book of Revelation), the Ancient Ephesus and Philippi in Macedonia in Northern Greece.