Wildfire at Aghios Soulas

Greek Firefighting helicopter

Update 30.08.12: The fire is under control at this time after ranging for two days. There are no assessments about the extend of the damages but thousands of acres of pine forests and land have being in the fire’s path. Investigators discovered an incendiary device, so there is no doubt that the fire was caused by a criminal act.

An uncontrolled fire broke up at 13:30 today near the area of Aghios Soulas, on the windy western coast of Rhodes. The strong winds blowing in the area favor the propagation of the fire, causing unexpected changes of spread direction. The situation is extremely critical as the beautiful pine forrest located in the area and the natural park of the Butterflies valley (Pertaloudes) are in danger.

Interestingly, there were already another two attempts to cause fire at Aghios Soulas forrest this season. The local authorities were caught once again unprepared to prevent and suppress the fire, although the HNMS (Hellenic National Meteorological Service) had issued a warning that the weather conditions would favor the spread of wildfires.