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Mt. Filerimos (Philerimos, Φιλέρημος), just outside the capital Rhodes (15km), is a hill 267m. high, overlooking the small town of Ialyssos and the bay of Ixia and Trianda. From its top you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Aegean with turquoise waters near the shore and deep blue as ...

Ancient Kamiros

Ancient Kamiros

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The district of Kamiros (Κάμειρος, Kameiros or Camirus in Latin) stretches along the northwest coast of the island close to Cape Ayios Minas (ancient Mylantion) in the foothills of Mt Akramytis. It is one one of the three Rhodian cities (together with Lindos and Ialysos) mentioned by Homer. In prehistoric ...

Rhodes Museum of Modern Art

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Rhodes is home to a plethora of cultural venues for those who want to do something more than just sunbathe on one of the its astonishing beaches. A €1.2 million Museum of Modern Art has recently opened on the island, while the Municipal Art Gallery and the Modern Art Centre ...

August full moon

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Enjoy the August full moon under the unique Greek sky. Archeological sites throughout Greece will remain open to visitors for a lifetime experience.

Windstar Cruises: 2011 voyages

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Windstar Cruises, which operates a three-ship wind powered fleet of luxury yachts that explore the world's most sought-after destinations, announced its 2011 and Winter 2012 season voyages. As expected the new itineraries include Rhodes as one of its ports of call. In particular, the new Holy Land voyages that concentrate ...

Earth Hour 2010

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Leading the way among world monuments agreeing to shut off decorative lights to demonstrate commitment to energy responsibility, the Acropolis will go dark for one hour at 8:30 pm local time on Saturday, March 27th to mark Earth Hour. Earth Hour will start in Greece and then proceed across the ...

2009 season celebrations

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A number of important celebrations are been prepared to take place on the island in 2009. The Rhodian Tourism Promotion (PROTOUR) and the Municipality of Rhodes The Rhodes are inviting the holidaymakers to join in the events. Next year will mark 700 years since the founding of Rhodes medieval town, one ...

Acropolis of Lindos restoration progress

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The final touches on one of its most popular tourist attractions on the island of Lindos: the Temple of the Lindian Athena. Greek archeologists are repairing the ham-fisted techniques used by Italians in the 1930s. Reconstructing Lindos.

Archeological sites on Rhodes

Archeological sites on Rhodes

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Like almost every part of Greece, the island has a number of important archeological sites, evidence of a history of over three thousand years. Excavations bring every year to the light new foundings. It is common in Greece for a church or an important building to be situated over the ...

August full moon with eclipse

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Tonight archeological sites all over Greece, will remain open to the public, to experience the full moon and the moon eclipse under the Greek sky. The moon eclipse will start at 22:36 and end at 01:43 local time. Not to be missed if you're looking for a lifetime experience.