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The castle of Monolithos

The castle of Monolithos

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The castle is located near the village of Monolithos at the summit of the tall, craggy rock, dominating the view. It's a bit far from the main tourist attractions of Rhodes to reach, but it's totally worth it! You can drive to the foot of the cliff, park your car ...

The Medieval Festival of Rhodes

The Medieval Festival of Rhodes

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A wealth of events with the participation of artists and associations from Greece and from around the world, will be presented during the International Medieval Festival of Rhodes. People can actively take part in the events, volunteers are welcomed. For more information you may contact the municipal Cultural Organization of ...

2009 season celebrations

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A number of important celebrations are been prepared to take place on the island in 2009. The Rhodian Tourism Promotion (PROTOUR) and the Municipality of Rhodes The Rhodes are inviting the holidaymakers to join in the events. Next year will mark 700 years since the founding of Rhodes medieval town, one ...

New discoveries in the port of Rhodes

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Greek divers and archaeologists discovered the remains of three medieval ships with 4,000 golden coins and jewellery on the bottom of the Aegean Sea, near the port of Rhodes. Analysis of the wood suggests one ship was built in the 13th century.

Greece is the word

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"I left my filahta (talisman) behind in the hotel room. Laugh if you will, but on an ancient island, named after Rhodes, the all-powerful sea god's daughter, the prudent follow custom. I had a tip from a friendly taxi driver about the best Greek salad (horiatiki) in the Old City. ...