The castle of Monolithos

The castle is located near the village of Monolithos at the summit of the tall, craggy rock, dominating the view. It’s a bit far from the main tourist attractions of Rhodes to reach, but it’s totally worth it! You can drive to the foot of the cliff, park your car at a convenient spot, and follow the narrow little steps all the way up until you reach the summit. Be careful not to slip on the smooth stones.

In old times, this castle was considered one of the four more powerful fortresses on the island, but today only the external walls fortifications remain. Inside the perimeter of the walls there are two 15th century chapels, St. Panteleimon and St. George. Looking around the ruins it is easy to notice that the castle was actually built on the foundations of another, older castle.

But it’s not for the ruins or even the beautiful whitewashed churches that you would embark on the strenuous climb to the top – it’s the breathtaking view from there that looks over the sea and the numerous islets off the western coast, the mountain of Akramytis and innumerable hills, as well as the village of Monolithos below. As a visitor said: “In Greece, you know, the landscape often gives you a sense of the presence of Gods. The site of Monolithos is certainly one of these”.

The site is open all day and has no entry fee. There is a café opposite the entrance for a much-needed drink or snack. Take your time with the steps to reach the castle … plenty of places to stop to catch your breath, enjoy the flowers and take a photo or two.