Rhodes for kids

When planning for a family holiday parents often give priority account to their children needs and the activities to keep them safe, entertained and busy. Most hotels in Rhodes have special kids playgrounds and offer children animation while the majority of the beaches, particularly on the east coast, are ideal for children. But outside the hotels there are a lot of options to get your kids entertained.

If you’re staying near the town center here is a list of places to visit:

The Rhodes Marine Aquarium and Museum

Located exactly on the northern tip of the island this Aquarium was originally built in the ’30s. It features an aquatic zoo in the basement of Rhodes’ Hydro Biological Station that will inform and entertain both kids and adults. Lots of marine animals you can see here, including octopuses, reefs, turtles, sea flowers, decapods, clams and different kinds of fishes, mostly belonging in the Mediterranean region.

Passagio Park in Rhodes Town

2008 was the year when the Passagio Park was entirely refurnished. In the park there are swings, skateboard ramp, slides, play area, giant trampoline, a sand pit and many more. The Park provides tourists with the opportunity to avail refreshment facilities such as restaurants and cafes.

Municipal Kid’s Park in Aktaion

Aktaion is a large cafeteria located in Rhodes town center, just opposite to Mandraki marina. Features a mid size kid’s park that was refurnished in 2007. It is suitable for small children with play areas and facilities. There is a rubber terrain and a large pirate ship that will attract kid’s attention. The cafeteria offers full refreshment facilities. The round the city train tour departs from here.

Main attractions for the children on Rhodes Island

Most popular attractions for kids on the island include:

  • Paintball at Ialyssos
  • Faliraki’s famous Water Park
  • Mini Water Slides in Ialyssos
  • Horseback riding and Go carts
  • Bowling Alleys found at different tourist resorts
  • Cinema Halls and theaters with English spoken shows in Rhodes town

Indoor and Outdoor Play centers

The Island is enriched with a range of play centers both indoor and outdoor. Below we have included a small selection:

  • Allegro in Trianta (Ialyssos)
  • Family Fun and the Magic Castle located in Faliraki
  • Swedco/Akadoo in the Trianta beach
  • Milou at outskirts of Rhodes town