Aquarium beach

The Aquarium beach, as the name suggests, lies in front of the Aquarium building, at a short distance from the town center. It is a mixed type of beach with large strips of sand. Surrounded by hotels it is the ideal place for long walks down by the sea. It is located exactly on the most northern point of the island. The beach starts from the east side which is the most popular and following the coastline bends to the west. So for most of the times can offer the choice of a windy – usually the west side – or of a calm sea. The water here is very clean but children must not be left unattended, as strong currents are developed around the tip.

The beach is easily accessed with some of parking space in the nearby. Most of the east side is covered with deck chairs and beach umbrellas for rent and it is pretty common to see ladies sunbathing topless. In high season it can be difficult to find chairs for rent here, as the beach is full of hotel guests but you can always take your towels from the and spread them out closer to the water front.

A lifesaver service operates from June to October daily from 10 am to 6 pm. Also there are lifesaving and first aid equipment and staff on duty on the beach. There are sport facilities and facilities for disabled people (ramps, WC).