The Municipal Art Gallery of Rhodes

The Municipal Gallery of Rhodes contains one of most significant collections of the Modern Greek painting. Featuring works by K. Maleas, G. Bouzianis, F. Kontoglou, Theofilos, S.Vasiliou, N. Hadjikyriakos – Gikas, Y. Spyropoulos and other prominent Greek artists, is an invaluable experience for the scholar of the Modern Greek painting. The visitor has the opportunity to see some of the most significative examples of their work.

Many of the paintings have been part of official exhibitions, both in Greece and abroad. Alongside the masters there are in display other important artistic expressions that complemented the intellectual character of each decade and each major historical period. With a few exceptions – mostly regarding recent generations of artists who are still developing their own style and technique – the Municipal Gallery of Rhodes is a highly representative museum of the Greek Art of this century.

With the sole exception of the painting by Angelos Yiallinas, the works in the Municipal Art Gallery of Rhodes belong to artists born after 1863. They cover the four distinct periods of 1863 to 1881, 1882 to 1897, 1898 to 1909, 1923 to 1940 and lastly the forties.

The first group contains fifteen artists, the most prominent of which are undoubtedly K. Maleas, K. Parthenis and Theofilos Hadzimihail. The second of the aforementioned groups includes D. Galanis, G. Gounaropoulos, F. Kontoglou, N. Lytras, G. Bouzianis, S. Papaloukas. The third group is consisted of forty artists (S. Vassiliou, A. Kontopoulos, N. Nikolaou, N. Hatzikyriakos – Ghikas and others); the fourth group features about thirty works, including the painters D. Diamantopoulos, N. Engonopoulos, Y. Moralis, D. Mytaras, G. Sikeliotis, Y. Spyropoulos, Y. Tsarouhis and others. The fifth group includes artists born between the wars, with approximately forty works by artists such as Y. Gaitis, G. Ioannou, N. Kessanlis, P. Tetsis, A. Fassianos, and others. The last group contains relatively fewer works, about ten in number, by artists such as H. Botsoglou, T. Patraskidis, Y. Psychopedis, O. Zouni and others.

During the last 5 years the Museum has created the Department of Educational Programmes, which is creatively cooperating with the Primary and Secondary Education Offices, the University of the Aegean, as well as many other organizations. The specialized personnel organizes educational programs and offers a wide variety of workshops and educational material to the children and adolescents of Rhodes, Dodecanese and the rest of Greece.

Today the Gallery hosts 690 exhibits but only 90 are available to the public disposal. The paintings exhibited are changed in regular intervals.