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Relaxed Charms of Symi

Relaxed Charms of Symi

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A Boat Trip from Rhodes Symi sits tantalisingly close to the Turkish coastline, and in past times, enjoyed great prosperity due to the sponge industry and ship-building. This is now in decline, with the sponge stalls selling imported articles due to massive over-farming of the sea bed and the shipwrights finding ...

August Bank Holiday 2010

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This year's summer bank holiday has been moved on Monday, August 30 in England and Wales and on Monday, August 2 in Scotland. Bank holidays are a public holidays in both the United Kingdom and Ireland. Although there is no automatic right to time off on these days, the majority ...

Dream yachts in Rhodes port

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Enormous luxurious yacht are becoming, year after year, a regular sight in Rhodes harbor. After the famous Pelorus owned by Roman Abramovich this week an even bigger yacht, named Al Mirqab, made its appearance in Rhodes. Owned by the Sheik Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, member of ...

Give Earth a hand

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Our planet is facing bigger challenges than ever before. Our ancient forests are being chopped down and our oceans recklessly fished out and polluted at a breathtaking pace. Whaling, toxic pollution, dirty coal, dangerous nuclear energy and genetically engineered crops threaten the quality and even sustainability of lives around the ...

A guide for a cheap holiday to Greece

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Spending holidays in Greece is a definite blast! The Mediterranean climate, the enticing and captivating culture, historical architecture and background, and catchy landscape, boy you'll never want to leave this place. The buildings which portray the architectural background and history of the place, the lovely beaches and the country's vast ...

New Marina works in progress

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According to the Prefecture, bureaucracy is to blame for the slow progress in the new Rhodes' Marina construction works. The main structure should be ready by the end of October.

National Day of Greece

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Today is a National holiday celebrating the Ochi (No) Day – the refusal of Greece in 1940 to allow the Italian fascist troops to enter the country and the following successful military campaign, defeating the Italian troops into the Albanian territory. For the occasion, student and military parades are organized ...

New report on travel insurance costs

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In a research from Defaqto, Travel Insurance 2008 - Adapting to a Changing World, it was found that one in seven travellers still decide against picking up a form of travel insurance to cover their trip. The report looked at the holiday market between 2002 and 2006, examining the policies ...


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Archangelos (Greek Αρχάγγελος)¹, seat of the municipality with the same name, is located on the eastern part of the island of Rhodes, at 28 km from the town center, on the main road that connects the town of Rhodes with Lindos. It is a charming and lively village, with narrow ...

Karpathos: An island off the beaten track

Karpathos: An island off the beaten track

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Their eyebrows are black and thick and their facial expressions austere and proud. The women from the small village of Olympos, high in the north of the Greek island of Karpathos, are different from the women on the rest of the island. This part of Karpathos has the harshest landscape ...