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The Medieval Festival of Rhodes

The Medieval Festival of Rhodes

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A wealth of events with the participation of artists and associations from Greece and from around the world, will be presented during the International Medieval Festival of Rhodes. People can actively take part in the events, volunteers are welcomed. For more information you may contact the municipal Cultural Organization of ...

Extra cover for tourists

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In an attempt to improve Greece's perception abroad, the Minister of Culture and Tourism, P. Geroulanos said that Greece will cover any additional costs a tourist may undertake caused by a natural disaster. Mr. Geroulanos said, “We are guaranteeing to pay any extra room and board any visitor in Greece ...

Colossi of Love

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The documentary Colossi of Love won the Best Documentary Film Award at Los Angeles Greek Film Festival (LAGFF 2010). The documentary narrates the story of the "kamaki" men, unique to Greece of the 70s and 80s, whose mission was to court and conquer female tourists, is funny and revealing ...

A guide for a cheap holiday to Greece

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Spending holidays in Greece is a definite blast! The Mediterranean climate, the enticing and captivating culture, historical architecture and background, and catchy landscape, boy you'll never want to leave this place. The buildings which portray the architectural background and history of the place, the lovely beaches and the country's vast ...

Filmed in Rhodes

Filmed in Rhodes

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Rhodes has always attracted the interest of the cinema industry. The majority of Greek films produced during the '60s feature the beautiful physical scenery of the island. There is also a large number of foreign film productions, including some of the Hollywood finest that where shot in Rhodes. In the ...

Ecofilms Festival submits due by March 1

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In its ninth year, the annual Rodos Ecofilms International Films + Visual Arts Festival screens around 100 documentaries, shorts, and features with broad ecological themes, and the next batch of submissions is due soon. Filmmakers have until March 1 to submit a copy of their film and an application for ...

Restorations during the Italian occupation

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The Italians landed on the island of Rhodes in May 1912, with the intention of establishing themselves permanently in the area. However, after the end of the WW II, they were obliged to surrendered their possessions in the Dodecanese to the Greek state. During the years of the occupation using ...

Ecofilms: International Film and Visual Arts Festival

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Ecofilms and the side event Ecokids, is a film festival held in June of every year on the island of Rhodes. Documentaries, shorts and features with environmental and ecology subjects, encouraging the awareness on conservation issues and issues related with the natural, the human and the built environment are invited ...

Archeological sites on Rhodes

Archeological sites on Rhodes

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Like almost every part of Greece, the island has a number of important archeological sites, evidence of a history of over three thousand years. Excavations bring every year to the light new foundings. It is common in Greece for a church or an important building to be situated over the ...

The Palace of the Grand Masters in top

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According to statistics published by the Ministry of Culture, the Palace of the Grand Masters in Rhodes ranked 3rd in visitors amongst the Greek Museums during 2007. The most visited museum is the National Archeological Museum of Athens while second ranks the Archeological Museum of Olympia.