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Guns of Navarone

Filmed in Rhodes

Rhodes has always attracted the interest of the cinema industry. The majority of Greek films produced during the '60s feature the beautiful physical scenery of the island. There is also a large number of foreign film productions, including some of the Hollywood finest that where shot in Rhodes. In the recent years a growing number of advertising productions choose Rhodes for its stunning physical scenery. So while in Rhodes, it is not uncommon to find yourself in front of a filming set.
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Extra cover for tourists

In an attempt to improve Greece’s perception abroad, the Minister of Culture and Tourism, P. Geroulanos said that Greece will cover any additional costs a tourist may undertake caused by a natural disaster. Mr. Geroulanos said, “We are guaranteeing to…

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Colossi of Love

The documentary Colossi of Love won the Best Documentary Film Award at Los Angeles Greek Film Festival (LAGFF 2010). The documentary narrates the story of the “kamaki” men, unique to Greece of the 70s and 80s, whose mission was to…

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